Our General Price List

You may download a copy of our General Price List (GPL) by clicking here. It is – without a doubt – one of the most important tools you have for controlling and understanding funeral costs, as it lists all the goods and services the funeral home offers, along with the price of each. Like a menu in a restaurant, the GPL allows you to select only those services you want, and it tells how much each will cost. 

The Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Rule requires funeral homes to give customers a GPL at the beginning of any discussion of arrangements. The funeral director must give you a copy to keep, and it's a good idea to ask the director to leave the room so you can contemplate the GPL in private. Better yet, take it home and discuss it with your family, if time permits, so you can make an informed decision.

Compare Our Services

We think it’s a good idea to compare the services we provide with those of other funeral homes in the area. Only we offer a full range of quality services from pre-need planning to extensive follow-up support for grieving families.

When considering the choices of funeral service providers open to you, we ask that you consider the following points which make us uniquely able to serve your needs:

• A single personal contact for all services
• Our ability to complete all funeral arrangements in one location
• Use of any of our chapels, mausoleum, cemeteries, and cremation gardens
• Our on-site crematorium offers greater peace-of-mind
• Our non-sectarian practices, serving all religious preferences
• Pre-need planning services with highly-experienced, certified professionals
• More than 135 years of service to Santa Cruz families

We know that you’ll discover the spectrum of our services is truly beyond compare.

It’s Really All about Trust

We've been here for 150 years, with the same commitment to service. That legacy of service continues today through our experienced, devoted and caring staff, who seek to provide those who come to us with guidance and support for all phases of life.

Above all else, Santa Cruz Memorial is here to offer families solace, compassion and kindness. Although each family we serve may differ in circumstance, we believe that all share these fundamental needs. We provide assistance for memorial services and cremation arrangements, or for traditional services in the desired place of worship. All services take place in quiet, secluded and private chapels away from other families or office personnel. Extensive follow-up support is also available for grieving families.

We welcome all families and individuals, regardless of ethnic origin or religious preference, offering them convenience and complete arrangements through one entity, with no subcontracted services. Both Santa Cruz Memorial-Mission Chapel and Santa Cruz Memorial-Oakwood Chapel serve all cemeteries, regardless of where the final resting place will be.

More about the General Price List

General Price Lists must print certain disclosures, which must follow the wording approved by the FTC. The disclosures must state that:

• Consumers may select only the goods and services desired
• Embalming is not required by law except in certain special cases
• A "basic services fee" will be added to any items purchased
• "Alternative containers," such as those made of cardboard, are available for direct cremation
• A Casket Price List is available
• An Outer Burial Container (vault)

The Funeral Rule requires that GPLs list the prices of 16 items - if there are services the funeral home offers - including the basic services fee, embalming charge, cost of picking up the body, the price of a viewing, the price of a funeral or memorial service, the cost of funeral vehicles, and other commonly offered goods and services.

How to Interpret the GPL

These choices can seem daunting to people who are making funeral arrangements at any time, but this is especially true if they have just experienced a death in the family. At Santa Cruz Memorial, we try to make the whole experience easier and more comprehensible. We want you to know:

• Buying a "package" may offer savings over the price of each separate item, but only if you would have chosen all the items anyway.

• The simplest options - direct cremation and immediate burial - include pickup of the deceased during regular business hours, the basic services fee, filing the death certificate, and transportation to a local crematory or cemetery. It does not include any cash advance items, casket, cremation container, urn, etc.

• For cremation, remember to ask if the price includes the crematory fee - some funeral homes don't include that fee in their price and the family is surprised when it appears on the final statement.

• For immediate burial, costs for interment (usually charged by the cemetery) and a graveside service are extra.

• Anyone who wants more extensive services will have to start with the basic services fee. This is the only fee on a funeral home's price list that the customer cannot decline to pay. It was originally intended to cover services that were common to most arrangements - filing death certificates and obtaining copies for the family; coordinating plans with the cemetery and crematory. This fee may also include overhead costs and charges for the arrangements conference, securing permits, preparing notices, and coordinating arrangements with third parties (such as the cemetery). It is important to remember that ALL of our service packages, cremation and traditional, include the basic service fee in the package price.

• Aside from the basic services fee, you can choose freely. For example, you might want to schedule a funeral ceremony, but skip the viewing and embalming.

If you want a service that is not listed on the GPL, be sure to ask. We will be glad to accommodate your wishes. We do everything possible to provide the families we serve with the Call us at (831) 426-1601 should you have any questions or concerns about the General Price List.